The coconuts and palm nuts used to hand-carve these organic earrings are acquired from local farmers in Central and South America.  What is not pressed for coconut oil is utilized for this form of art and income. The various pigmentation on these coconut earrings are the natural color tones found on the coconuts shell.  They are held onto the ear by a thin wooden post that wedges through the small holes on the coconut earrings. The post fits a standard size piercing, rarely causes irritation and is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to metallic earrings. 
 At Coco Loco we work directly with all artisans producing our
organic jewelry line, 
using natural materials that are often recycled or reclaimed.  Your purchase significantly helps improve the quality of life of traditional carvers, artisans and their families, while preserving their tribal art and culture.
Click the icons above the images to view available colors and sizes.
Gypsy Hoops - $15.00 Large
Coco Earrings - $7.00 Med/Sand (colors vary)
Mea Lua - $30.00 Large
Shiva Hoops - $8.00 Medium
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