The various pigmentation on these hand-carved, organic earrings are 
the natural color tones found on the wood, except for those which are clearly inlayed.  Although your ear appears to be gauged, these split expanders fit like regular earrings. When wearing these wooden earrings, be sure to push the sterling silver post all the way into the second half of the earring, at a slight angle.  
Please remember the fake gauges are not meant for gauged ears.
At Coco Loco we work directly with all artisans producing our organic jewelry line, using natural materials that are often recycled or reclaimed.  Your purchase significantly helps improve the quality of life of traditional carvers, artisans and their families, while preserving their ancestral art and culture.

Tan - Sabo Wood / Red - Blood Wood / Purple - Purple Heart
- Sono Wood / Black - Areng Wood

Click the icons above the images to view available colors and sizes.

Flower Star Pedal - $28.00 Sm/Black
Delayla Curls - $28.00 Lrg/Red
Delayla Curls - $35.00 Lrg/Tamarind
Shira Wings - $35.00 Med/Tamarind
Eternitys - $30.00 Lrg/Tamarind
Spirals - $25.00 Lrg/Tamarind
Swan Wings - $18.00 Lrg/Brown
Swan Wings - $15.00 Lrg/Tan
Swan Wings - $18.00 Lrg/Black
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